Ontario update

Lois and I leave Ontario tomorrow (Sept 19) and head toward Hagerstown, Maryland. Our time in the Greater Toronto Area has been quite nice. Our first conference was with Pastor Alcock and Brampton International Baptist Church. It was an exciting conference and the church had its best attendance ever the Sunday the conference ended. Next we reported to Heritage Baptist Church in Barrie. Pastor Pennell was a gracious host and very encouraging. We ended with Pastor Wiebe of New Life Baptist Church in Maple and helped celebrate the church’s second anniversary by participating in their mission Sunday. New Life is an exciting young church.

We thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship with Pastors, church families and fellow missionaries. The campground we stayed in was quiet and relaxing. One of the best things about the trip was that we know of two souls that came to Christ on the particular Sunday I preached in Brampton.

Our truck is still in need of a minor repair. We still have issues with the heater. I had planned on picking up the part at a junk yard and complete the repairs myself when we get settled in the next campground. But Pastor Wiebe rallied his church family to give toward the need. Their generosity met the need to buy the part new and forgo the junk yard plan. We praise God for meeting our need and we head south in good health and joy in our hearts.

I emailed the believers in Tuktoyaktuk a few days ago just to keep in touch. I told them of our travels and offered encouragement in the Lord. One response came back and it touched my heart. “We pray that you will eventually become our Spiritual Leader.” This simple expression of hope affected me deeply. Would you join this believer in Tuktoyaktuk in the same prayer?

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