September 2011 Update

Dear Praying friends,

We had driven 14,164 kilometers (8,795 miles) since June 13th, most of which has been with our camper in tow. I must give sincere praise to the Lord for His watch care over us. We have had no problems with our travels at all. One day we decided to stop earlier than usual for our evening meal only to find an accident had happened on the route we were travelling while we ate. Some would call that coincidence, but I believe it is a physical peek into the realm of spiritual warfare. Thank you for praying for us.

Our reunion with family and friends has been sweet but cut short all too often. The pressing need to report to supporting churches and visit prospective supporting churches has kept us busy. In four days we will depart for Ontario to participate in two mission conferences and report to one church. We close September in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Hagerstown, Maryland. September started by Lois and I celebrating our thirty-third wedding anniversary. We celebrated by meeting up with family at a Cabelas in West Virginia, enjoying a meal together and spending some precious time with our granddaughters.

Our website is up and running and features a video of our ministry. Go to: More content is going to be added as I provide it to Paul Conner. Paul, who is youth pastor at Greater Vancouver Baptist Church is the brains and technical maestro behind the website and video. You can contact Paul through

We have a cell phone that we carry with us while in the USA. The number is 907.347.7993. In Canada we are limited to email only. Pastors, please feel free to contact me if I have not yet contacted you to schedule a meeting between now and late May of 2012.

We hear good things from the churches in the Arctic and are homesick already in a way. That is one of the most difficult things to understand and explain about being a missionary. Our hearts are truly pulled in two directions. One to the place we loved first and the other toward the place we love because of God’s love. The key to dealing with this is to accept God’s Word as our final authority. Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? So we have to reject the deceit of the heart whether we are pulled north or south and do the task before us heartily as unto the Lord.

We again wish to express our gratitude for your faithful support and prayers. We have added 2 new supporting churches and neither one was expected or booked when we left Canada. That my friend is the result of prayer and a wonderful God.

Steve, Lois and Angie Donley

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