Steve and Lois Donley have been involved in Arctic missions since 1989. All but 3 of those years have been in actual Arctic residence. They have raised three children in the Canadian Arctic and all are adults now serving the Lord in various capacities.

Both Steve and Lois are from Ohio and were raised in Christian homes. Lois’ father has been a Pastor for over 40 years and Steve’s family have been faithful in local church since he was a child. Coming from such wonderful Christian homes made leaving the familiarity of home and family for the rigours of Arctic life a doubly difficult adjustment. But through God’s help they have made the Arctic their home and eventually added Canadian Citizenship to the passionate love of their American heritage and citizenship.

The verse they use to promote their ministry is Psalms 147:17 He casteth forth his ice like morsels: who can stand before his cold? This question is obviously answered through the lives of Steve and Lois. Whomever God enables or allows can stand before the bone chilling cold of the Arctic. Steve and Lois have been doing just that for two decades. In a day and age where commitment and faithfulness are uncommon, it is refreshing to see dedicated missionaries still on the job for God’s honour and glory.