May 2011 Update

Dear Praying friends,

It is a little more than six weeks until Lois, Angie and I hit the road for furlough. In all honesty we are thrilled to begin a journey whose steps will eventually lead us to Tuktoyaktuk, but apprehensive in that the economy is volatile and fuel prices are outrageous. The last time we tried to report to our supporting churches and garner fresh support was 7 years ago. Fuel costs were at an all-time high then as well. In all candour, we need to get support from every church we have the opportunity to present our ministry to. Driving all over kingdom come and not gaining new support would be a waste of time and money. Would you please pray for a 100% success ratio in gaining support from new churches we present to? This may not seem like a high powered spiritual request, but being good stewards of God’s money is the right thing to do and becoming more important daily – for us all.

Printed on the back this newsletter is a list of needs. Often while visiting supporting churches I am asked what our needs are. I never know how to answer that. Our needs are big because our goals are big. Yet telling the pastor of a struggling work we need a bale of money seems a bit inconsiderate. Therefore I have developed a list of needs that includes huge things to little things. You can find something on the list that fits your ministry if the Lord so leads you to give. Please do not feel obligated to give anything. However, I am humbly asking for everyone to pray the Lord will provide our need.

June will bring several “lasts” for us with the ministry in Inuvik. My Last message, our last school graduation and awards service, my last Friday RU program and our last observance of the Lord’s Supper with the believers in Inuvik. Angie wants to start college in the spring of 2012 leaving Lois and I to join the “empty nest” club. These ‘lasts’ tweak our emotions because while feeling sad Lois, Angie and I also experience a bit of guilt because we look forward to the “next” thing God would have us to do.

Among all these changes, we can be steadfast because the Lord is our consistent focal point. He never changes. Our health, ministry, and home are changing. The economy is uncertain and Matthew 24 is unfolding daily in the news. But a peace is reigning over us. A God authored peace. We leave the Inuvik ministry on a high note and with tenacity cling to confidence in God. We do so with the backing of your prayer and support. May our partnership continue till Jesus comes.

In His cold but easy yoke,

Steve, Lois and Angie Donley


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