Gettysburg, PA update

Our Gettysburg report begins on Saturday night as we enjoyed fellowship with Bro. Jeremy Mitchel and his family. We enjoyed a meal and fellowship, renewing a friendship that started around 1995 or so. Sunday morning we had a wonderful service at Gettysburg Bible Baptist Church where Dave Mitchel is pastor. Jeremy is his son and assistant. After a good morning service we all went to Pastor Mitchel’s home and enjoyed fellowship with the entire Mitchel family. Dave’s dad was there and we renewed our friendship with him. The elder Bro. Mitchel was pastor when the church started to support us in 95 or so. Three generations of preachers sat at a meal with us, and the food was as great as the fellowship.

Sunday night took us to Lighthouse Baptist Church where Pastor Bob Gray leads the church. Lighthouse has also supported us since 95 or so. We had a good service and a wonder time of fellowship after with refreshments and great discussions on the Arctic, churches and whatever else needed solved in the world! The membership was very interested in the Arctic and we were thrilled to thank them face to face for consistent and faithful support.

Tomorrow morning we pack up and head to Ohio for some down time. We need the rest after a great trip to Ontario, Hagerstown, Maryland, and Gettysburg PA. We leave encouraged, and honoured to be associated with such wonderful churches.

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